Created in 2012, GameMuse serves as a site to bring you up to date game news and reviews for console and PC gamers.  Hardcore or casual gamer, we have something here to entertain you. Game Muse is 110% focused on gaming bringing you previews, reviews,  trailers, ratings  and competitions.

Ever wondered who’s behind it all? Meet the team here at Game Muse, and drop us an email sometime, we love feedback on the site.



 Kon-ick MacFarlane-Hunt – Game Muse Co-Founder/Editor in Chief

Dad of two, magician wanna-be and gamer, who has an unhealthy obsession with the LEGO games, with LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean being his current favourite. Other games he enjoys are Halo Reach, Gears of War 3 (especially Horde mode), God of War (all games) and Batman: Arkham City


 Adam Connell- Game Muse Co-Founder

 ’jack-of-trades’ Adam, spends his weekends pretending to be a pirate! He mainly plays games that involves shooting people, explosions or extreme sports.  Some of his favourite games are Burnout Paradise, Skate, Call of Duty and Worms: Armageddon. You can usually find Adam tinkering with the website or working on things behind the scenes.


James Delli-BoviJames Delli-Bovi – Executive Editor

The old man of gaming; James is a veteran of previous console wars and can remember back when VIC-20 cassette tapes could still be bought in shops like Boots and WH Smith for 50p each. Traveller, translator and international man of mystery; he enjoys any game featuring spaceships, zombies and snow in it.




Tristan Meiman - Writer

Passionate gamer, creative mind, all around nice guy! After some deep searching, he found out that a career revolving around the video game industry was a must. He is also a person who loves adventure and will take it at any given time!





Jose San MateoJose San Mateo – Indie Consultant
Jose is dedicated to making a career out of writing about video games. When not in front of a console or penning some content for Game Muse,  he plies his trade as a sports writer for the Vallejo Times-Herald newspaper.


 Sam Coleman Game Muse writerSam Coleman – Writer
Hey, I’m Sam. I’m a journalism student looking to write for a living on many subjects – mainly gaming, music and sport. I’m a self-confessed game fanatic with an addiction to achievements and a love for new games.



miriam presleyMiriam Presley – Writer
I’m a girl gamer, grammar nerd and recent college graduate. I’m a little obsessed when it comes to critiquing narrative in video games, and as a gaming fanatic I own all the gaming consoles (handheld and otherwise). Some of my favorite games are Golden Sun, Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Saints Row. I also spend entirely too much time playing the Sims 3.


Kyle HearseKyle Hearse – Writer
Nottingham based, writer, that loves to play video-games, listen to music and write whenever possible. Not incredibly prolific, just enthusiastic.




Adam StarkeyAdam Starkey – Writer
I’ve a  severe gaming compulsion and a thirst for achievements. When he isn’t soaring through space in Mario Galaxy or butchering animals in Far Cry 3, he mostly enjoys throwing his limbs around to music or watching old horror movies. Sometimes he even tries to succeed in the art of pretending to be Ryan Gosling. This fails. Miserably.



Terry GallivanTerry Gallivan - Writer
Into cars, sports, movies and especially computer games. Gaming most of the time and if I’m not playing, then I’m probably reading, watching or writing about them.




Laina Brisco – Writer
A long time ago in a city far, I happened!  And I was lucky to be born in the start of the greatest era of all time: the time of gaming.  I’m a gamer girl who plays just about any game on any console.  If I’m not gaming, I’m writing fictional stories, studying to speak a foreign language, or self-teaching myself in game design.